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Reunion Groups


After completion of an Emmaus walk, the best way to stay accountable to others and grow closer to the Lord, is through participation in a reunion group. A reunion group is made up of 2-6 individuals that meet weekly to encourage each other to live wholly in the grace of God. It is the sponsor s responsibility to get the new community member involved in a reunion group, even if that requires leaving their own group to form one with their pilgrim.

If you are not in a reunion group, here are some of the names of the reunion groups that may be close to you. If you want to find out more about these groups, please contact us at reunion@nearthecross.org. If you are ready, we can help you get a new reunion group started.

Why are some groups closed? Some groups consider the ideal size is six members, so they close the group when they reach that number. Occasionally, members will move and the group will be opened. Some groups have no size limit.

City Name of Group Meeting Day Time Place Contact Phone Email
Beebee Beebee Believers Wednesday 6:00pm FUMC-Beebee Kathy Pillow Price 501-239-1984 kpillowprice@gmail.com
Caraway Kingdom Seekers Monday 6:00pm Caraway UMC Gary Brooks glbrooks77@yahoo.com
Cherokee Village Resurrection Women Wednesday 12:00pm CVUMC Lois Anderson 870-257-5803 jwa36@juno.com
Cherokee Village Spring River Roosters Wednesday 12:00pm CVUMC David Malone 870-257-4483 davidmalone396@gmail.com
Dyersburg, TN Angel Army Thursday or Saturday Various Beth Kaiser 870-740-7013 backaiser@yahoo.com
Greers Ferry Waves of Grace Last Monday of month 6:00pm Holiday Hills UMC Rev. Dan Brand 870-692-4501 danbrand@artelco.com
Heber Springs Living Waters Connie Moody conniemoody60@gmail.com
Jonesboro Iron Sharpens Iron Wednesday 12:00pm CWL (Old Board Rm) David Belk 870-219-5246 dbelk2010@hotmail.com
Jonesboro Proverbs 4:23 Monday 6:30am NEA Baptist Hospital Jim Dutton 870-578-7890 jimd@ellsworthsystems.com
Jonesboro Kingdom Men Wednesday 6:00pm FUMC-Jonesboro Chris James chrisjames1015@gmail.com
Jonesboro Central Baptist Group Tuesday 6:30am Central Baptist Jeff Wicker 870-761-0992 jwicker@tsncpa.com
Jonesboro Hebrews 10:25 (closed group) Wednesday 12:00pm different restaurants Lisa Lawrence 870-897-1615 klevivsian@hotmail.com
Jonesboro Mighty Warriors Saturday 6:30am Front Page Café CH Overbay 870-919-1269 overbaych@gmail.com
Mountain Home MH Sanctified Followers Tuesday 4:00pm MH Baptist Church Danny Blankenship 870-240-3858 dajblank@live.com
Paragould Greene Pastures Thursday 7:15pm Emmett Smith 870-236-4457 arkie55p@gmail.com
Pocahontas Rivers of Joy Sunday 6:00pm FUMC- Pocahontas Sara Frazier wsfrazier@live.com
Stuttgart Sugar Town Reunion Carol Moore 870-673-6317 carol.moore@arumc.org
West Memphis West Memphis Searchlights 1st. Sunday each month 1:30pm FUMC West Memphis Kathy Murphy 901-619-8139 kwak2nd@aol.com

If you are involved in a weekly reunion group that is not listed here, please email Reunion Groups at reunion@nearthecross.org. We will try to maintain the information so that we can better inform new community members of current reunion groups.

If you are not yet involved in a reunion group, please contact your sponsor for information. The aim of the Walk to Emmaus is to inspire, challenge and equip local church members for Christian action, and to achieve that it is helpful to have a small group of people encouraging you weekly!